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Bird Sounds of Condor Valley

[box type=”shadow”]Recordings made by Andrew Scott

Birds at the River
Birds at the River

Birds at Dawn
Birds at Dawn

There is an incredible diversity of bird life in the beautiful Condor Valley. Andrew Scott recorded these during his trip in January 2007.. Here we bring you the truly beautiful symphony of their song straight from the source. The first example was recorded at 6am when the dawn chorus is at its richest and most sonorous. The second was recorded along the banks of the river and the adjoining fields in the heat of the mid-morning.

Close your eyes and bathe in the beauty of this natural music, and don’t let the occasional fly by of a buzzing bee.

The following birds can be heard in the audio examples.

They have been identified by Grillo, the father of Tati who is the head gaucho on the bodega. Birds can have a number of names, from formal to local, and these are no doubt a combination. Please feel free to give us some feedback if you are aware of another name (or spelling) for any of these.

Choclero (Barrnaquero)
Carancho (palapala)
Pajaro tonto
Chalchalero blanco

Bird Calls as performed by Grillo (Audio)

Grillo La Bumbuna Bird Call
[haiku url=”″ title=”Grillo La Bumbuna Bird Call”]

Grillo Crespin Bird Call
Grillo – Crespin Bird Call

Grillo – Chalchalero Bird Call
Grillo – Chalchalero Bird Call

Grillo –  Quitupi Bird Call
Grillo – Quitupi Bird Call

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