Lasting Memory from Condor Valley

My 4 days spent at Condor Valley were some of the most memorable of my life. Really, it is a place that touches all of the senses. Probably what I found most immediately striking was the landscape. Since our bus from Buenos Aires to Salta took several more hours than anticipated – surprise surprise – we arrived at night. Our dear friend and guide, Martin, convinced me that perhaps this was better – now I would wake up amidst this stunning setting, as if I were transported in a dream. Well, he could not have been more right. Opening my eyes at sunrise and seeing the surrounding mountains was nothing short of a WOW moment. I feel blessed to have been able to wake up to that. The natural beauty that Condor Valley encapsulates is mind blowing. They truly have it all – rivers cutting through green expanses against rolling hills draped by mountains.
Such a plentiful place provides for plentiful activities, and our days were perfectly balanced with guided expeditions and day-to-day ranch undertakings. It was vacation meets vocation, and exactly what we had asked for. Horse back riding and picking corn in the fields to leisure fishing trips and cattle feeds. It was real and raw and beautiful…we were in the mix, not removed as mere sightseers. And what better way to end such perfect days than with fine local wine and the freshest of Argentine asados?

Start to finish, I was overwhelmed by this place and these people. I could not have asked for a more authentic experience, and would unquestionably recommend Condor Valley to anyone. It is truly unforgettable.

– Joanna Wexler

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