Asados & Cuisine

Guests at La Bodega experience Condor Valley’s authentic cuisine made with the freshest ingredients, grown, raised, and prepared on our ranch.

Meat and Traditional Asado

Condor Valley raises its own herds of high-quality cattle and sheep for one of Argentina’s most cherished and delicious culinary traditions: Asado!

Enjoy asado, (Argentine barbecue) like you’ve never had it before, prepared using the traditional (and disappearing) techniques at the heart of gaucho culture.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Produce

La Bodega grows a produce garden and orchard with a stunning array of authentic vegetables, squashes, and orchards of fruit, providing a deliciously fresh and nutritious addition to La Bodega’s cuisine, and ensuring that the ranch can also cater to vegetarian guests.

The Wine of Condor Valley

The unique soil and micro climates in Condor Valley, give the wine and grapes of La Bodega a bright future. Guests at La Bodega will have the opportunity to visit the vineyards and be among the first to enjoy a newly revived wine tradition on the ranch.

Come and taste for yourself the wines that generations of conquistadors, gauchos and adventurers have celebrated! Located in the “wine belt” (on the opposite geographical parallel of Napa Valley and the wineries of France and Italy) the wines of the Calchaquies Valley, in the Andean Northwest of Argentina, are one of the best-kept secrets of the world – about to be unleashed. Read More about the wines of Condor Valley here.