Internships at Condor Valley

We offer a three month internship during the summer and winter seasons. Condor valley is a great place to learn a wide variety of skills including tending the vineyards and nut grove, resort work and management, ranch work and management, horse handling, gardening, cooking, and much more.

Internships at Condor Valley

The Internship Experience

We do not operate on a fixed schedule; workdays fluctuate depending on the activities on the ranch. Sometimes the focus will be on guests for asados, cooking, accommodation care, and horse, camping, fishing and birding tours. Sometimes the focus will be on the ranch for grape, nut and vegetable care and harvests and animal care for the horses, sheep and cattle. We never exceed guest groups of ten people and our animal herds are small. All activities at Condor Valley are supervised my experienced friendly and fun loving staff. We sometimes work long days but follow the traditions of siesta by breaking for the hottest part of the day. Flexibility, motivation and stamina are a must. We promise that work is balanced with fun both on Condor Valley and adventures into the surrounding areas of the Salta Province. We own a hosteria in Salta City where you most likely will have a chance to visit. We have no cell connectivity but we do have limited Internet and good phone lines. Please browse the photos and journals left by our alumni interns. Spring, Fall and Winter periods usually involve no guests.

Internship Periods

Interns can usually select their own three month block within the different seasonal periods, Argentina has four seasons: winter (June–August), spring (September–November), summer (December–February) and autumn (March–May), all featuring different weather conditions. The climate is mostly northern mediterranean with summer tempatures ranging between X and X and winter temperatures ranging between X and X

Internship Cost

We ask a $600 enrollment fee for the three month visit. You will share a room usually with one other in the Old Colonial House. We supply the food but in most cases you prepare your own meals.

All guests, volunteers and interns must supply proof of travel insurance with horse riding coverage.

For Internship inquiries contact Hank Bannister at