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The Wine Tree

Accompanying this page you will see what we describe as La Bodega’s Wine Tree. Although at one point this abandoned farm is thought to have been one of the biggest early vineyards providing grapes to Salta City, previous owners long ago abandoned that endeavor in favor of cattle in the 1930s and onward.

We believe our wine tree to be one of those early plantings and is probably in excess of one hundred years old. Certainly around the Calchiques Valley there are numerous examples of 100 plus year old vines that were brought over from France by the Catholic priests. On Bodega Colome’ , for example the Davalos family and now the Hess Family have identified 4 hectares of Malbec as being from pre – phyloxera French origen (ie in excess of 140 years old).

We plan to develop a non-profit Institute for the study of unusual and unique wine varietals from a number of isolated farms and valleys from around the province of Salta. We hope to engage ecologists and genetic experts, from Salta and abroad, to identify and preserve some of these amazing plants and perhaps clone them so that they can once again grow and produce fruit and perhaps some unique, small quantities of wine.

Please email us if you might have an interest in engaging in this adventure.

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